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Lifting the lid on the cost of school lunch orders

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Data released by online school ordering platform Flexischools has lifted the lid on the evolution of the Aussie school lunch order, revealing what Aussie kids are eating, how they’re ordering, what they’re spending, and more.

On average, Victorian students spend the most at their school canteen at $8.77 per order, in comparison to those in New South Wales who are spending just $7.02 per order.

The variety of food available has also expanded in the last decade, catering to the expanding tastebuds of Aussie kids and changes to household budgets. Favourites like sushi, sandwiches and fruit salads rank as the most popular healthy options across the country, while canteen classics like meat pies, sausage rolls, and chicken nuggets continue to reign supreme as convenient and tasty treats.

The busiest day for lunch orders? Fridays, which account or, on average 35 percent of weekly canteen revenue unanimously across the country.

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Flexischools’ user-friendly app offers digital lunch options for students and families on-the-go.


In a digitised world, parents and canteen operators expect more than just a lunch order scribbled on a paper bag, which is where Flexischools’ all-in-one, online platform comes in.

Cashless ordering and payments are made simple via online, app or student card ordering options, which enable both carers and canteen operators to better forecast their food ordering, ultimately reducing food waste in school canteens and kitchens across Australia.

Functionalities such as fast repeat ordering and clear pricing options alleviate the mental load for Flexischools users – 71 percent of whom are female – and ensure families are equipped to place nutritious, and cost-effective lunch orders, especially important as Aussies continue to look for alternative ways to curb the cost of living.

“While the school landscape has well and truly evolved, thinking about school lunches remains a constant in the mental load for busy families with school-aged kids. Flexischools has brought the tradition of school canteen lunches into the digital age, ensuring fast, convenient ordering, on the run,” said Ms Rachel Debeck, CEO of Flexischools.

“I’m proud of how we continue to invest in innovative ways to simplify school lives. From helping canteen operations run more smoothly, ticketing for events at schools, or just making it easier to get out the door on those school mornings, the Flexischools’ cashless platform ensures time is freed up to be able to focus on supporting kids’ education and wellbeing.” Ms Debeck continued.


In-app ordering is most popular (95 percent of Flexischools users do so via their iPhone or Android device), with anecdotal customer insights demonstrating the ability to ‘throw the phone to the kids in the back to order their lunch’ on the way to school means Flexischools seamlessly fits into the life of a busy Aussie family, rather than adding to the mental load.

With the average family of four’s grocery shop costing $203 per week and more than half of Australians rating sustainability as extremely important during their shopping, online ordering through Flexischools enables kids to become money-savvy and make mindful decisions when it comes to their recess and lunch choices. They even get more out of their lunchtime break, with many canteens offering Flexischools Fast Lanes, whereby kids can pick-up their pre-ordered food immediately, leaving more time for recreation and rest during the busy school day.

Used by thousands of primary and secondary schools across Australia, Flexischools’ convenient, quick and secure cashless system makes ordering and buying food, event tickets and uniforms at school campuses easy, saving valuable canteen and school time.

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