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Lightening the load for Australian school supply

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Working directly with many schools across the country, Winc Education understands that no two schools are alike. That’s why it has purposefully curated its school supply offering to allow school leadership teams to tailor their deliveries.

Schools have demands placed on them every day and no two days are ever the same. That’s why Winc Education has been working hard to ensure its broad product and service offering takes into account how busy school leadership, teachers and educational support staff truly are, according to Ms Katie Mystakidis, Head of Education at Winc.

“Schools are influenced by current curriculum focus, enrolment numbers and feedback from parents and students,” says Ms Mystakidis. With this understanding in mind, Winc Education is focusing on six key areas that are aimed at supporting schools and tailoring our products and services to the specific needs of a school and the community.”


Delivering products to schools requires an experienced education provider. Winc understands that the school calendar and ability to receive goods can be impacted by things like school holidays, multiple campus locations or multi-point deliveries at the one location. That’s why in metro areas, Winc utilises delivery drivers who can deliver products to nominated delivery drop off locations at each school. Additionally, the Winc website offers live tracking of orders so schools can keep up to date with the status of an order and keep across expected delivery times.


Supporting First Nations brands is a large part of the focus at Winc Education in the understanding that the economic advancement of First Nations Peoples is critical to creating positive social change and equity for First Nations communities. Winc offers support around a school’s procurement strategy to provide ways a school can increase the amount of First Nations products purchased. Schools can further link these products to cross-curriculum priorities to provide students with tangible examples of how to make a difference to First Nations people.

First Nations products to consider:

  • Mandura Sticky Notes 76x76mm Neon Pack 5 (Product Code: 25000394)
  • Teter Mek Maxi Coloured Pencil Box 144 (Product Code: 25085646)
  • Riley Callie Resources Aboriginal Science Topic Cards Blue Set 25 (Product Code:25172083)
  • Tjindgarmi Delta Plus Manual High Back
  • Chair 3 Lever Black Fabric (Products Code: 25082573)
  • CCAB Indigenous Heavy Board Hot Cup (Product Code: 18729382)
  • Nallawilli Office Wares Spiral Notebook A5 120 Pages (Product Code 19000730)


If a school is looking for sustainable alternatives and Australian made products, Winc Education specialists can help choose the right ones. With a growing number of products being added to Winc’s sustainable and Australian made ranges, schools have access to some of the best alternatives.

“Schools are constantly looking for Australian made and sustainable products to tie in with their own social responsibility objectives and also to help support their curriculum focus,” says Ms Kirsten Hayward, Category Manager at Winc Education.

“Each year we produce dedicated product catalogues, outlining the educational products that are either Australian made or have a sustainable feature, such as being made from recycled materials or able to be recycled. Talking to students about the product life cycle of the items they use in their classrooms can help build good global citizens and lead into other important discussion areas.”

school supply textbooks books e-books
Winc Education’s publisher network supplies schools with primary and secondary level textbooks, as well as novels, plays and poetry to supplement curriculum.


Schools are choosing to deliver their curriculum in a multitude of different ways to accommodate various learning styles and to take advantage of increased technology access. This includes ordering textbooks in both print and digital formats.

“Winc has an extensive publisher network to supply schools with primary and secondary level textbook requirements, as well as novels, plays and poetry – available in both print and digital formats,” says Ms Emma Lambert, Account Manager at Winc Education.

“We can supply books from all the major and small educational publishers in all states, combining our local expert knowledge and our national infrastructure for the best possible service. Our education team has many years of experience working with schools and students, working for large and small educational publishers as well as with other booksellers.”


Preparing for a new year ahead with students transitioning into new levels, staff changes and fluctuating enrolment numbers requires careful management by a school. Winc works as a partner during the Back-to-School season, offering bespoke support, programs and services to suit a diverse range of needs, including:

  • Bulk ordering – Popular with schools who prefer to order in large quantities and consolidate orders across the school.
  • Booklist – An ordering program that allows schools to standardise book orders for each year level.
  • Direct to Parent – Allows parents to direct and finalise orders and make payments.
  • Back to School range – An extensive list of popular educational resources, as well as new and innovative products and teaching resources such as STEM resources.


Winc’s dedicated team works daily with schools across the country. Through vast experience, as well as listening and talking to schools, Winc offers a breadth of range to meet the unique needs of every school.

“We believe in Winc as a trusted partner to schools,” says Ms Pauline Kypreos, Sales Manager at Winc Education. With almost 20 years of experience at Winc, Ms Kypreos has come across many different schools in her time. “We love having conversations with school staff and coming up with clever ways to solve classroom issues, introduce new products or streamline their ordering process. Our dedicated team really love what we do.”

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