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Make teaching and learning seamless with the ViewSonic Education Ecosystem

Teachers can take content prepared at home to school, and from classroom to classroom with ease using the high security education ecosystem by ViewSonic. All of which can be centrally managed by your school’s ICT team.

Access the full platform via myViewBoard for lesson planning, lesson delivery, presenting, and participating. The system gives teachers the flexibility allowing for technological integration with other platforms so teachers can ease into the platform, still using their current windows platform if they wish. No matter your level of technical skills, you can pick it up and use it no matters what you’ve been trained on due to its intuitive design. Join six million teachers, students and professionals who have already discovered myViewBoard Suite.


myViewBoard Classroom brings teachers and learners together whether they are in the classroom or at home. This area can engage learners, streamline teaching, and improve outcomes both inside and outside the classroom. Lesson planning doesn’t necessarily take place in the classroom and can be more time consuming than the lesson itself. myViewBoard Classroom is a virtual platform where teachers can prepare content, differentiate it by ability, and assign students into groups. Discussion areas can be created while teachers have full visibility of the class – including attention levels.

Real-time tools provide non-linear, ad-hoc engagement. The myViewBoard Whiteboard environment has a variety of educational tools built in explains Mitchell Hooper, Former Teacher and Interactive AV Trainer, Modern Teaching Aids. All tools are integrated which saves time going in and out of various apps. Tools such as camera sources, websites, media content such as YouTube clips, and pre-made resources, can all be imbedded with no adverts directly into the whiteboard – a major time saver. “It’s very easy to use it’s also cross platform which means you can prepare content on your window’s interactive panel and upload to the android device, all through scanning a QR code so you can take it everywhere with you,” says Hooper. The ability to integrate myViewBoard Whiteboard with your preferred cloud storage provides added flexibility to the platform. This is especially relevant for a secondary setting as teachers are constantly moving classrooms.

“There is also the ability to bring in a camera source – say you are in a food tech room, or an industrial arts room and you want to look at a plan or if you want to be able to look at student work – you can bring those resources straight into the white board. Sequence, it or brainstorm with it, whatever you would like,” continues Hooper.

As an interactive platform, it allows users to annotate over the top, write on the side use sticky notes, bring in easy to use interactive tools such as measurement and geometry tools, calculator, timers, a spotlight and magnifying glass, from one location. It also includes a built-in web browser where you can search up content, annotate or highlight it and import as part of the whiteboard page. The ability to screen record with audio and screen capture helps to accommodate for student absences as this recording can be uploaded to the schools current learning management platform.

“What I enjoy most about this platform is the simplicity of it – you can just start picking up the pen and using it, whether it’s image or audio content, PowerPoints, PDF’s, word documents, even files from other lesson creation platforms. You can import all that content in and use it as part of the whiteboard,” says Hooper.


Just like teachers, ICT managers need a way to save time. When looking after a fleet of technology, it is time consuming to go to individual panels to perform updates and to visit individual teachers to manage accounts. Using the myViewBoard management ecosystem, ICT managers can set up teacher user accounts and manage their privileges all though an accessible web portal. Using myViewBoard Manager, panels can be managed from a central location. This includes: installing updates and apps, customising panel settings, troubleshooting issues using the remote desktop, and broadcast digital signage to name a few capabilities. ICT managers can also assign administrators with specific privileges, such as allowing school admin staff the ability to broadcast digital signage and emergency messaging.

“The support from ViewSonic and their distribution network has made the Teaching and Learning experience more enjoyable for Teachers and Students with better outcomes,” says Peter Lyons, Interactive Technologies and Communications Engineer, TAFE NSW.

“With the five-year support, it really makes it simple to manage and provides piece of mind at time of purchase for the life of the equipment,” says Peter Lyons, Interactive Technologies and Communications Engineer, TAFE NSW.

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This article was originally published in Education Matters Secondary Magazine – to read the issue download it here. 




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