Mistreatment of children with disabilities "unacceptably high"
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Mistreatment of children with disabilities “unacceptably high”

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The release of the findings of a NSW parliamentary inquiry into the education of students with a disability or special needs has shone a light on the failings of the NSW education system, according to Family Advocacy.

The NSW parliamentary inquiry found the number of allegations of mistreatment of children with disabilities was unacceptably high.

Last week, the cross-party committee made 39 recommendations to improve the treatment and supervision of children under the care of the state, including those under supervision of the Department of Education.

Family Advocacy said that although inclusion is a key recommendation of the committee in its response, there remains a lack of clarity regarding what an inclusive education system looks like.

“Further to this point, the assertions from the committee that some students may require specialised segregated settings and that support units should be increased to accomodate more students reinforces the systemic discrimination that students with disability face when pursuing an education,” they said.

The NSW Department of Education told News Corp:

“The department acknowledged that more needed to be done at school and administrative levels to support these students, their families and teachers,” an education department spokesman said on Friday.

The NSW Government is expected to respond to the report’s findings and recommendations in March next year.

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