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$21.4 billion commitment means brighter future for students

$21.4 billion commitment means brighter future for students

The 2022-23 NSW Budget commits more than $21.4 billion towards the ongoing implementation of evidence-based initiatives, including the School Success Model, Ambassador Schools Program, the new Kindergarten-to-Year 12 curriculum, and the historic school-building program.

Minister for Education and Early Learning Sarah Mitchell said the investment continued the NSW Government’s focus on modernising the education system through the implementation of evidence-based policy and the delivery of world-class learning facilities.

“Students and parents are at the centre of every decision we make as we continue to implement key reforms to deliver evidence-based teaching and learning, modernise the teaching profession and update the curriculum,” Ms Mitchell said.

“Families in every corner of NSW are continuing to benefit from our commitment to needs-based, sector-blind school funding.

“Education is the great enabler. By supporting every student to achieve their best, we are securing a brighter future for all of NSW.

“Through a commitment of more than $5.8 billion over 10 years in the 2022-23 NSW Budget, we are starting our journey towards universal pre-kindergarten education. We are giving children the best possible opportunity to succeed in NSW’s world-class education system.

“We are supporting our students to thrive, not only at school, but throughout their lives with the best teachers guiding their learning in first-class education facilities.”

The 2022-23 NSW Budget allocates $1.6 billion to deliver 23 new and upgraded schools, $1.2 billion to keep every school across the State well-maintained, and funding to continue the investment in growing and developing the teaching workforce, through initiatives including the Teacher Supply Strategy.

“Since 2017, the NSW Government has delivered $9.1 billion in school-building projects. This budget continues the school-building program, adding 23 major projects to our pipeline of capital works, for a total investment of $8.6 billion over the next four years,” Ms Mitchell said.

“We know the importance of our teachers, which is why we are focusing on our Quality Time program to reduce administration and stepping up efforts to work with teachers to modernise and streamline their day-to-day work.

“NSW teachers are-world class, and we will continue to invest in opportunities to not only attract and retain our best teachers but provide them with a rewarding career.”

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