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Monash: Training teachers for the digital classroom

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David Elliot has always loved technology. He believes education allows for new and fascinating work to be conducted about the technologies currently being adapted for teaching and learning.

After a career in corporate writing and editing, David pursued secondary school teaching before commencing in the Monash PhD program. His PhD explores new classroom literacy learning that can emerge from the use of contemporary, commercial video games as pieces of formal curriculum.

Using the game Minecraft and working with young people and teaching staff, he designed a single unit of literacy work which allowed students to play video games during formal class time. The results saw students engaging in unscripted, improvised learning – incorporating creative thinking, problem solving, design and content creation, and exciting new kinds of collaboration.

At Monash, David enjoys being supported by a passionate community of experts. He loves working in the crucible of the modern world – he is able to see the kinds of technologies that are being adopted, and he can help shape the ways that they will be used.

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