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My School website updated with latest NAPLAN data

Parents, carers and wider school communities can now access the latest individual school information on the My School website, which has been updated for 2023 with the latest school-level NAPLAN data and new profile information on schools.

The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) acting CEO, Mr Stephen Gniel, said My School is an important education resource for parents, carers, families and the broader Australian community.

“It is the only single source that provides nationally consistent information on schooling right across the nation. For parents and carers, ACARA’s My School website provides detailed information for around 10,000 schools across Australia on literacy and numeracy results over time, student and teacher numbers, attendance rates as well as a school’s income and expenditure,” he said.

“With the change to holding NAPLAN earlier in the year for the first time in 2023, this delivers a key benefit that My School has now been updated with the NAPLAN current-year results alongside school attendance, profile and population information from the same year.”

He continued: “My School is also a vital resource for teachers and school leaders by offering them key insights into school performance, achievements and characteristics, supporting and driving improvements around Australia.”.

The December 2023 My School update includes:
• 2023 NAPLAN results for schools
• 2023 school profile and population data
• 2023 school attendance data for Semester 1
• 2022 school financial information, including capital expenditure and funding sources
• 2022 vocational education training participation and outcomes
• 2022 year 12 certifications

Student progress data for 2021–2023 is not available due to the resetting of the NAPLAN measurement scale and earlier assessment of students, as data from this year onwards cannot be compared to pre-2023 data. However, school leaders, teachers, parents and carers can still view NAPLAN performance data relative to socio-educational advantage by school on the NAPLAN results page.

My School’s Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage (ICSEA) indicates the average educational advantage of each school’s students. It is calculated using information about parents/carers’ occupations and education, school geographical location and the proportion of Indigenous students.

A school’s ICSEA value is provided to encourage taking socio-educational advantage into account when comparing school achievement.

Both the My School website and the latest National Report on Schooling data portal update, show an increase in student attendance during Semester 1 (Term 1 and 2).

Overall, the national attendance rate increased by 2.1 percentage points to 88.6% (up from 86.5%) and the national attendance level – the proportion of students in Years 1-10 whose attendance rate is equal to or greater than 90 per cent – was up by 11.7 percentage points to 61.6% (up from 49.9%).

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