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New $20 million Career Education Strategy


A new $20 million Career Education Strategy being introduced by the Department for Education aims to make the task of finding the right career much easier for students in South Australia’s government high schools.

From year 7 through to year 10, students will be given access to specialised tools and advice designed to set them up for a long and successful career.

A fun, interactive skills-exploration game will be created for students in years 7 and 8 that will show them how their passions and interests can be channelled into the jobs of the future. 

Year 9 students will get access to a comprehensive online diagnostic tool. It will ask questions, crafted by experts, that will assess a student’s strengths, skills, aptitude, ambitions, and personality. The insights gained from the diagnostic tool will then match students with suitable careers.

The digital diagnostic tool should be ready by 2023.

A network of professional career advisors will also be available to provide guidance and advice to every year 10 student.

To allow students to expand their understanding of what’s required to work in different industries and occupations, under the Career Education Strategy the Student Pathways website will be expanded to support stronger links between schools and employers. It’ll use a range of innovative experiences to engage students including virtual workplace tours, webinars and information sessions. 

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