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New app provides immediate access to vital student information

A new Australian app is harnessing facial recognition technology to provide immediate access to important student information in emergencies – and beyond.

In an educational landscape where the safety and wellbeing of every student are paramount, the introduction of the Tvar app signifies a leap forward in education technology.

Developed to provide a swift and precise way to access information about all students when required – not only in emergencies but in day-to-day school activities – Tvar is redefining how schools interact with student data.

Tvar’s use extends beyond emergencies to encompass a wide range of daily school functions. Whether it’s verifying medication dosages or retrieving student information, Tvar is more than an emergency tool; it’s an essential mobile application designed to support the everyday safety and wellbeing of students.

By harnessing facial recognition technology and integrating with real-time data systems, Tvar provides immediate access to important student information. This accessibility ensures allocated staff can respond not only to emergencies but also to the everyday needs of their students, making Tvar an integral part of creating a supportive and safe educational environment.

“The traditional methods of managing student information on camps and yard duty, often cumbersome and paper-based, are not suited to respond effectively in many situations, especially in high-stress ones,” the company said.

“Tvar addresses this gap with an innovative approach. Through facial recognition technology, the app grants allocated staff instant access to critical student data from the school’s database. This feature is invaluable not only in stressful and urgent situations but also in facilitating everyday educational and administrative tasks, ensuring every student’s details are easily accessed and needs catered for efficiently.”

Tvar said the app is beneficial for all staff as well as catering for Temporary Relief Teaching (TRT) staff or support staff who might not be familiar with each student.

“Tvar is affordable and extremely helpful, allowing for quick identification and access to information about allergies, medications, emergency contacts, and more,” the company said.

“This capability allows staff members to provide personalised attention and support to students, enhancing safety and mitigating risk, making the school environment safer.”

Research has highlighted a significant gap in the awareness school staff have of their students, particularly those at risk, challenging the assumption that all students are well known to them.

Tvar enables quick identification of students through facial recognition, providing instant access to vital information, thereby enhancing safety, operational efficiency, and ensuring swift, accurate responses that can be utilised in both emergencies and daily school management.

Integrated with existing school systems via Wonde, implementing Tvar, an Australian-based company, is straightforward and enhances schools’ current operational frameworks. The app is designed with the utmost attention to privacy and security, ensuring that all sensitive medical information remains protected within each school’s own systems.

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