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New online resource for student learning

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The Victorian Government has partnered with the Victorian Student Representative Council (VicSRC) to assist in the development of a new online resource centre.

Education Minister James Merlino in July announced funding of $132,000 for the Student Voice Hub, while opening the VicSRC’s Congress 2017.

Mr Merlino also announced a new funding agreement to provide the VicSRC with $750,000 over the next three years.

The Student Voice Hub will actively support Victorian students to access information that supports their role and enhances the ability of students to be part of decisions that affect their learning and their lives at school.

School students, principals, teaching staff and school communities will directly benefit from the Student Voice Hub which will provide capacity building resources, information and support for students and schools to develop curriculum and student leadership.

The Government has provided funds to the VicSRC to support student voice in Victoria since 2007.

“Student Leaders have been campaigning for an online Student Voice Hub to connect students across Victoria. It’s a great idea and one we’re proud to support,” Education Minister James Merlino said.

“We know that schools with a strong student voice perform better. This is about students working with their peers, teachers and communities to shape their schools and educational outcomes.”

“Victorian students welcome the government’s commitment to student voice in decision making through the creation of the Student Voice Hub, which will create a space for students to come together without barriers and help shape an education system that really works for them,” said VicSRC Executive Member Spencer Davis.

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