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NGS Super sponsors National Virtual Debating Competition

NGS Super, one of Australia’s leading industry superannuation funds with over $9 billion in funds under management and around 100,000 members, has announced it has partnered with the 2019 National Virtual Debating Competition as a major sponsor.

The competition was initially open to student teams from Australian independent schools when it was introduced in 2015. In 2017, eligibility was extended to teams from Australian independent, Catholic and government schools.

NGS Super CEO Laura Wright believes it’s an invaluable initiative that will nurture the development of our future generations. “As proud sponsors of the National Virtual Debating Competition over the past five years, we’re thrilled to help bring together students from all around the country, particularly those in remote areas, to participate and represent their schools in an activity that has the power to improve their confidence and critical thinking skills, but which also goes beyond to support their careers down the track.

“One of the biggest benefits of virtual debating is inclusion. The use of technology removes many of the barriers faced by distance and costs which means that it attracts a broader and more diverse pool of competitors.”

Last year, 116 teams were involved with an anticipated rise in registrations for 2019.

The competition is coordinated by Australian Independent Schools NSW and Independent Schools Queensland and this year runs from February.

For more information or to view the list of schools registered in the National Virtual Debating Competition, please click here.

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