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Nonprofit releases free mindfulness resources for teachers and students

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With students back in the classroom while the pandemic continues, levels of anxiety, depression and other mental health issues need to be addressed.

Medito Foundation is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to improving mental wellbeing. It hs recognised the tough time that teachers and students are going through and that’s why they have added a ‘Teachers’ pack to its free meditation app.

The new Teachers pack on Medito contains meditations for different times of the school day, as well as sessions on conflict resolution, empathy and dealing with stress or nervousness. There are also sessions designed to mindfully engage children’s senses, such as the taste of a grape and the sound of a bell.

Students that practice mindfulness are better equipped to set goals and manage emotions, to make responsible decisions, to show empathy, and to build and maintain healthy relationships.

These skills are essential to wellbeing and can have powerful benefits in the learning environment and beyond, reducing anti-social behaviour, boosting academic achievement and improving long-term health.

Dominic O’Neill, a member of Medito Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board, says, “Mindfulness explorations may take many forms, but students of all ages in their diverse needs can benefit from the skills developed through them. We hope that these meditations help to create a healthier and more harmonious learning environment, where students can flourish in their relationships and learn more effectively”.

Outside of the Teachers pack, there are many meditations that can help people cope with difficult times and improve mental wellbeing. There’s a course for people who are new to meditation, plus packs for dealing with stress & anxiety, coping with the pressures of the pandemic, getting a good night’s sleep, and much more.

Medito can be downloaded for free on the App Store or Google Play.

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