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Outdoor education? There's an app for that

Outdoor Ed AppBag of Tricks

Apple and Android app stores (it costs under $10), and is currently finding success in the hands of information-hungry teachers and outdoor educators. The Outdoor Ed APPbag of Tricks contains a variety of general teaching resources, outdoor specific content and a range of inspirational outdoor videos. Connectivity with Facebook also provides a layer of social networking that helps the concept gain further traction among its key user group. With the app, educators gain access to talking points, icebreakers, games and much more that could come in handy while out in the field. In effect, the app reduces the need for carrying stacks of resources into a setting where most people would prefer to be carrying very little, if anything. “Just like outdoor education in general, the sky is the limit for this app’s potential,” Privett claims. “We encourage contributions and feedback to help us continue to improve on this initial release so that the end result will be a truly refined product, useful and useable for anyone in the outdoor education industry.” A version of this article originally appeared in Wild Magazine.]]>

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