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Pay rise for WA teachers under Enterprise Bargaining Agreement

The WA Government has signed a new Enterprise Bargaining Agreement that will increase wages for public school teachers, address workload issues, enhance career pathways, and attract more quality teachers to regional and remote areas.

Following negotiations with the State School Teachers’ Union of Western Australia (SSTUWA) and Principals’ Federation of Western Australia (PFWA), teachers and school leaders will receive a 12 per cent pay rise over three years and improvements to a range of conditions associated with leave, allowances and professional learning.

The Agreement will see a graduate teacher’s starting salary increase by $9,781 to $88,178 and a senior teacher’s salary increase by $14,704 to $132,557.

Experienced Level 3 teachers will earn up to $147,077 and a senior school administrator up to $206,662.

Support for classroom teachers will also be strengthened with small group tuition in 350 schools focusing on literacy and numeracy, allowing students to develop these fundamental skills.

WA Education Minister Dr Tony Buti said the Agreement is a significant investment in the future of public education in Western Australia that will see teachers, principals and school leaders paid appropriately, while cutting workload and boosting classroom resources.

“We value our teachers and are committed to enhancing the quality of education, ensuring that all students succeed. Teachers have such an important role in shaping the futures of young Western Australians, so it is vital that we recognise and reward this contribution while continuing to advance the profession,” he said.

“In addition to these commitments, work continues on a range of strategies to attract and retain quality teachers, support our workforce, and strengthen outcomes for students across Western Australia.”

To help students facing unique challenges that require extra support, 64 new complex behaviour management coordinators will also be introduced. These experts will work alongside classroom teachers to create tailored education programs to help students with disabilities and learning challenges, so every child receives the attention and resources they need to succeed.

The WA Government said the Agreement also includes new district allowances to attract and retain more teachers in remote and regional areas. This includes incentive payments to develop leaders in regional areas and attract accomplished teachers to those schools with the greatest need.

Through ongoing consultation, the expertise of the SSTUWA and PFWA will help to inform the design and implementation of new initiatives.

Summary of Benefits

Pay increase

  •  5.0% per annum effective on and from 6 December 2023
  •  4.0% per annum effective on and from 6 December 2024
  •  3.0% per annum effective on and from 6 December 2025.

Attraction and Retention

  • Increasing the graduate allowance to give new teachers more financial support
  • Paid time for new starters to complete professional learning
  • Reclassification of several principal positions
  • Improvements to long service leave, personal leave and compassionate leave entitlements
  • The introduction of a district allowance for eligible employees
  • Additional travel concessions for staff in the Pilbara, Kimberley and Goldfields
  • Continuation of the extended air conditioning subsidy for eligible employees.

School Leader and Teacher Supports

  • A new workload taskforce to support staff with workload management
  • Resources to support students who need it the most, including more staff to help with complex behaviour and run small group tuition focusing on literacy and numeracy
  • Helping classroom teachers meet the individual needs of students with disabilities and learning challenges.

Improved Career Pathways

  • Creation of a new Senior Teacher Level 2 classification
  • Trial deployment of experienced teachers and school leaders to regional schools
  • Trial temporary deployment of exemplary teachers to newly created Level 3.3 positions in schools of most need.
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