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Pilot VET program helping NSW students upskill

A pilot VET program in NSW is empowering students to make informed decisions about potential career pathways in trade, as the new school year approaches.

The Productivity Pathways pilot program, running under the Pathways and Vocational Education Strategy, is a one-week workshop providing students with one-on-one targeted support.

With many students considering vocational education and training in construction and building, a crucial part of upskilling them is helping them obtain their white cards, the NSW Department of Education said.

VET Curriculum Project Officer, Mr Clint Giddings, said white card training was a requirement to work in the construction industry to cover work health and safety fundamentals.

Since introducing the virtual white card course three terms ago, more than a thousand students have been accredited.

“The students who don’t usually show up at school have been showing up early each day in preparation for the Productivity Pathways,” Mr Giddings said.

The program is delivered face-to-face and virtually, allowing students from schools without an accredited teacher to receive the tailored training.

“A lot of students can be disengaged, so we’ve built a course that allows for the greatest chance of completion, because we know the program will enhance students’ employability before they even leave school,” Mr Giddings said.

The program also presents a more affordable option for students to obtain their white cards with a cost of less than $30 per student, rather than $150 through external organisations.

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