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Playground equipment that bridges nature and durability

An Australian-made playground equipment manufacturer is fusing timber’s aesthetics with long asset life, increasing the likelihood that generations of families will be playing on the same schoolyard structure for years to come.

WillPlay’s dedication to delivering high-quality playground equipment, prioritising safety, enjoyment, and sustainability, sets them apart in the playground industry.

As an Australia-made and owned business, the company’s focus on timber-look aluminium posts and composite wood panels showcases their commitment to evoking natural aesthetics without sacrificing performance, durability, and environmental responsibility.

Timber-look aluminium encapsulates the cosy wooden appeal while leveraging the sturdy, low-maintenance advantages of Australian made marine-grade aluminium.

Unlike regular wood, timber look aluminium resists weathering while avoiding splintering or decay, delivering resilient playground equipment in harsh coastal conditions.

This combination of natural charm and strength makes WillPlay’s timber-look aluminium an ideal choice for those seeking the timeless beauty of wood without the drawbacks.

Matching the allure of natural wood, composite wood panels provide the beauty and warmth of timber boasting an inherent resistance to decay, pests, and moisture.

WillPlay’s timber-look aluminium is crafted to resist decay, weathering, and splintering. Images: WillPlay

Low-maintenance composite wood panels ensure the longevity of your playground equipment, standing as a testament to WillPlay’s dedication to sustainable and responsible design. Reduced maintenance costs and extended product life will appeal to asset managers, while keeping users engaged in a visually appealing setting.

Providing a lifetime structural warranty for all WillPlay’s play and fitness systems is testament to the company’s confidence in their premium material choices, including timber look aluminium and composite wood panels. These systems are designed with 100 per cent recyclability in mind, ensuring a minimal environmental impact at the end of their asset life.

As a registered Australian-made and owned business, WillPlay is more than just a local business – it contributes towards the Australian community’s sustainable growth.

WillPlay’s product range bolsters the local economy, nurture sustainability, and provide safe, eco-friendly environments for children to play and flourish. Their commitment to Australian manufacturing is also evident in their selection of local suppliers, ensuring unwavering support for the local industry.

Updated Treehouse range

WillPlay’s updated Treehouse range showcases its signature timber-look aluminium posts and composite wood panels. This deliberate material choice captivatingly blends the allure of timber with the robustness of modern elements, reflecting the essence of nature in a strong, sustainable format.

The Treehouse range is more than a collection of playground equipment – it’s a testament to WillPlay’s dedication to crafting both safe, and environmentally friendly spaces that evoke lasting memories for children and communities.

This unique approach ensures these playgrounds not only sync with the beauty of nature but also stand the test of time in terms of durability and appeal.

WillPlay’s Treehouse range is environmentally-friendly. Images: WillPlay

Timber-look aluminium

Crafted to resist decay, weathering, and splintering, WillPlay’s timber-look aluminium posts and battens lend an enduring strength to playgrounds in versatile climates – including challenging coastal conditions.

Key Benefits:

• Strength and lightness: Aluminium is lighter, stronger, and straighter than real wood, making building efficient and preventing warping over time.

• Environmental responsibility: Aluminium is 100% recyclable with free VOC coatings and lead-free finishes, meaning a smaller environmental footprint for your school.

• Fire, pest, and corrosion resistance: Aluminium is non-combustible, impervious to insects, and offers excellent corrosion protection—an ideal material for any school environment.

• Practicality: Its non-porous nature ensures aluminium doesn’t swell, grow mould or mildew when exposed to harsh conditions, thus requiring minimal maintenance.

Composite wood panels

WillPlay’s composite wood panels are a superb alternative for schools that love the beauty of natural wood but require a more enduring solution.

Designed to resist decay, pests, and moisture, these panels mimic the warmth and texture of timber while being almost maintenance-free.

Key Benefits:

• Aesthetic versatility: available in different colours, these panels can accommodate diverse design needs while maintaining the warm timber aesthetic.

• Environmental sustainability: made from recycled materials, composite wood panels not only stand the test of time but also reduce landfill waste.

• Safety: their high resistance to slipping makes the panels especially safe for children, even in damp environments.

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