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Promethean celebrates a love for learning

Teachers and educators in Australia and around the world are united by a love for learning and a passion to instil that same love in students. Educational technology can provide new opportunities for unlocking student and staff potential, creating a foundation for innovation that enriches the education experience.

Education technology will never replace teachers, nor solve all the challenges they face. It is however proving its capacity to be instrumental in helping teachers do what they do best: inspire students to engage with education more than ever and empower them to be able to do so in their own way.

Following on from the Promethean Grant last year, 12 Australian schools are doing just this. Having produced a winning entry to the creative grant competition, they are now equipped with a state-of-the-art front-of-class interactive display: the Promethean ActivPanel.

What does The Promethean Grant mean to them?
One of the winning schools – Isabella Plains Early Childhood School in Canberra – was especially pleased with its prize. Executive Teacher, Melissa Chadwick shares her thoughts, “We are so excited because the ActivPanel is going to really help the children share their ideas and further their learning. I saw a demo at EduTech and knew that the ActivPanel would be perfect for our school, to help adopt a more flexible way of teaching and learning where there is no visible front of the room. Winning one brings many opportunities for our children across the school.”

Some of the winners are already thinking about how the ActivPanel will give them new ways to interact in the classroom. Venetta Jones, classroom teacher at Gracemere State School says, “Winning the ActivPanel is such a reward for all of our efforts in making the video – we cannot wait to use it and show the children that when we work hard at something, it is recognised and gets rewarded.

“As a teacher, I am so excited that I will be able to use the 20-point touch screen – this will mean that all the kids can come and interact with the lesson content at the same time, which will be amazing.”

Promethean prides itself on being an education-focused company, and this sort of feedback has ensured that The Promethean Grant will run once again.

Share stories from your classroom through The Promethean Grant
Now in its third year, The Promethean Grant in 2019 revolves around a competition encouraging teachers to share inspirational stories from the classroom. Amidst concern over teacher workloads and budget constraints, it is more important than ever to celebrate the successes that teaching brings. This competition provides teachers with a platform to share positive experiences from the classroom and gives them a chance to win an ActivPanel to take their teaching even further.

Your video might be about a particular student who was inspired by a new way of working or showed special dedication to overcoming a challenge. Whether it is inspiring, heart-warming or impressive; the floor is yours to choose an experience that you feel deserves to be shared.

The Promethean Grant 2019 competition will begin on 23 July on a termly basis, offering two ActivPanels to schools who share their story on social media in each period.

For more information on The Promethean Grant competition, please click here.

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