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Protecting students’ devices from the rigors of school life

In Australia’s education landscape, technology plays a crucial role in a student’s curriculum. Devices, including laptops and tablets, have become increasingly essential tools for students, which means safeguarding a student’s device longevity and functionality is vital.

Damage from accidental drops or mishandling is common among students, so without proper protection, a damaged device can potentially hinder a student’s learning process. To protect devices and ensure a continuous learning environment, high-quality protective cases and accessories can prevent scratches, drops, and other damages.

Long-lasting protection solutions extend the lifespan of devices, future-proofing device functionality and accessibility for longer periods. For example, iPad covers with reinforced corners and shock-absorbing materials, as well as rugged keyboards resistant to spills and bumps, can resist to the daily life at school. Using a protective accessory assists to prevent major damages, minimises wear and tear and ultimately reduce any interruptions to a student’s education itinerary.

Ergonomic design

Ergonomics also plays an important role in student engagement and comfort. Schools should consider integrating device accessories for students which enhance user experience and reduces physical discomfort. Comfortable backpacks, adjustable laptop or tablet covers that include stands, and high-quality keyboard cases can improve learning environments by permitting students to focus on their studies rather than being distracted by discomfort or unsuitable device and accessory composition. Ergonomically designed accessories not only improve usability but also create a more immersive and productive learning experience.

Flexibility of use

Protective accessories are also designed to adapt to the versatility of device usage. Foldable keyboards and protective cases enable students to confidently carry and use their devices in various environments, whether in the classroom, on the floor with a stand, at their desk, or even outside the classroom. This adaptability ensures students can utilise their devices in different learning scenarios in comfort and without fear of damage.

Cost savings over time

Investing in quality protection ensures the longevity of the device’s use. There can be a significant initial investment when buying protective accessories, but investing in quality protection results in long term cost savings by minimising repair expenses, replacement costs of devices and time wastage for schools as well as parents.

Laptops and tablets are integrated tools in everyday school life, subjected to constant handling and manipulation throughout a day. The importance of protecting these devices should not be underestimated.

JB Hi-Fi Education is a premier technology partner for schools across Australia, offering high-quality devices and accessories to support and enhance education experiences. We collaborate with leading brands to provide a diverse range of protective accessories, which include (non-exhaustively) device cases, foldable keyboards, screen protectors, and many other essential accessories to protect devices from daily wear and tear or unforeseen physical damage. Schools and students can rely on us for device protection and reliability.

For schools looking to protect their students’ devices effectively, explore how we partnered with STM Goods to equip Westbourne Grammar School here. Discover how these solutions can protect laptops and tablets from everyday school rigors, ensuring longevity and reducing interruptions to your student’s learning.

For more information and advice on protecting students’ devices, speak to our education experts at or call 1300 746 752.

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