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Providing quality uniform solutions



Midford is a company with a proud history of providing quality uniform solutions tailored to the individual needs of schools across Australia. Midford school wear is designed to be both good looking and hard wearing.

Generations of Australians have grown up wearing and trusting the Midford brand. Every Midford garment is rigorously tested and made to the highest Australian standards. We have continually improved, refined and re-designed our uniforms, incorporating innovations to improve comfort and durability.

At Midford, we understand what an important statement a well tailored uniform makes about your school. Our experienced team will work closely with your school to provide you with a uniform that your students are proud to wear.

A Midford retail solution

Midford established the retail arm of the business after numerous requests for assistance with customised uniforms. We built an infrastructure specifically designed to manage uniform shop operations within a school campus environment.

Midford will;

  • Purchase current uniform stock;
  • Manage staff;
  • Upgrade your uniform shop;
  • Create an online order platform;
  • Assist in the design of academic and sport uniforms; and,
  • Guarantee an income to the school.

We are proud of our commitment to providing a professional and reliable service to schools and colleges across Australia. Today, Midford operates school shops on behalf of schools in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia in both urban and rural areas.

It is our quality, attention to detail and commercial expertise that makes the relationship with Midford a reliable and profitable option for these schools.

St Joseph’s College, Hunters Hill, New South Wales

“Our uniform has always been very important to the image of our college. In terms of our dealings with Midford they have been absolutely first class, the service they provide, the way the uniform is presented and the quality of the uniform they provide for our boys.

They certainly do an outstanding job.”

Bro. Anthony Boyd

Deputy Headmaster


Ivanhoe Grammar School, Ivanhoe & Mernda, Victoria

“We at Ivanhoe Grammar School have been delighted with the relationship we’ve built over the years with Midford. From their ability to design and produce to specification, to the manner in which they deal with our parents on a retail level. Midford have always been reliable, approachable and professional. We value our association with Midford and look forward to continuing the partnership for many years to come.”

Leyton Miles

Business Manager


St Michael’s Collegiate School, Hobart, Tasmania

“The quality of Midford uniforms, the standard of their retail operation and the service they provide to our students and parents, compliments our school’s image and values. The Midford team has become an integral part of the St Michael’s Collegiate community.”

Robyn Kronenberg




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