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Putting the fun into literacy

To help tackle declining literacy rates, a Sydney start-up that transforms children’s handwriting into digital books has launched a fundraising campaign to bring its resources to primary students across Australia.

“Writing is the number one educational issue we are facing today and we believe Littlescribe! is part of the solution. We want to create a new normal, where children’s writing is revered, respected and read, not hiding in classrooms,” said Littlescribe! founder and CEO, Jenny Atkinson.

“This goes back to basics; handwriting, self-editing and illustrations are all given purpose via a book. We use technology to share and celebrate a child’s work with their audience, be that classmates, mum, dad, grandparents and those abroad, driving a desire to write more.”

Littlescribe! turns children’s stories into digital books, cards, posters and calendars that are printed and posted to schools, family and friends. The business also provides literacy resources and classroom tools for teachers and parents via an app and website.

“It’s in Australia’s best interest for all of our children to be writing and improving their literacy capabilities. They are this country’s future and their ability to think critically and creatively will ensure they have a brighter future,” added Ms Atkinson.

In a bid to make the technology accessible to all Australian primary students, regardless of their circumstances or location, Littlescribe! has launched a fundraising campaign that aims to raise $200,000 so that children and schools that can’t afford to purchase their own physical book don’t get left behind.

“To some, the books are affordable at $8 each, for others, it isn’t, and we believe that no child should miss out on the opportunity to have their story created and shared with a wider audience,” explained Ms Atkinson.

Lindsay Cane, CEO of Royal Far West, a charity that connects vulnerable country kids to the care they need, added, “In line with our mission to support isolated and vulnerable regional children across Australia to access the health and learning services they need, the opportunity to have their story created and shared with a wider audience is a life-changing experience for these kids.

“We have partnered with Littlescribe! to give these country kids a chance to find their voice through their writing, but there is still work to be done.”

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