Queensland's switch to ATAR assessment system
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Queensland to welcome ATAR in education overhaul

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Queensland’s new budget was reveal this week, and with it details regarding how the state plans to transition from its outdated Overall Positions (OP) system to the more widely used ATAR.

25 per cent of the State Government’s budget is to be allocated to education, with $24 million over the 2016-17 financial year going towards the assessment transition.

Forward estimates reveal $72.4 million is expected to be spent on delivering the new system, which will become available for students entering Year 11 in 2018.

“New senior assessment arrangements will combine the advantages of school-based assessment developed and marked by classroom teachers, with external assessment set and marked by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority,” Education Minister Kate Jones told Brisbane Times.

An additional $102 million has also been slated for enhancing school support and administrative staff over the next four years.

“The Queensland Government is committed to ensuring state schools are equipped with high quality admin and support staff so that principals and teachers can focus on maximising student learning outcomes,” Jones said.

“Changes in salary classifications for business service managers, administrative officers and others school support staff will be implemented from 2017 to better reflect the range of their responsibilities in contemporary schools.”

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