Renault boosts safe school transport
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Renault’s boost for safe school transport

Renault Master Bus schoolkids

Renault has added a safety bonus for school kids with the arrival of the new Master Bus.

The 12-seater is ideal for school principals who want to ensure their charges are safely conveyed to sports or inter-school events or away on excursions, and the new Master Bus provides a plethora of peace-of-mind inclusions at a very attractive price.

While many teachers may be called upon to drive a school bus, their levels of enthusiasm for driving a vehicle larger than a regular car may be low initially, but after only a short time behind the wheel, they’ll marvel at how a bus that is so spacious on the inside can feel so small and easy to drive on the outside.

Excellent visibility is one of the key elements of a safe vehicle, and the Master’s driving position and large mirrors, as well as a reversing camera ensure that drivers are able to position the Bus exactly where they want it.

A responsive engine and slick shifting automated manual transmission take the stress out of moving the hoard along, and attention to detail with sound deadening cabin linings and interior strip lighting, USB ports for recharging mobile phones and iPods, keep the crew in the back quiet and absorbed, rather revelling in rowdiness and distracting the driver.

A second air conditioning unit mounted inside at the rear of the vehicle ensures the climate is always under control, and an optional powered sliding side door, controlled by buttons on the dash, lets the responsible adult in charge decides when and where the occupants alight. A powered slide-out step also makes it easy for even junior students to hop in with ease.

Of course there are airbags up front along with seat belt pre-tensioners, anti-lock brakes and electronic stability control and a three-point seat belt for each passenger.

With the engine up-front, and a large safety cell ahead of the driver, there’s a pair of large comfortable seats for the front-row passengers.

Those seated behind enjoy limousine length legroom, and even allowing for all this lounging room, there’s still 3.5m3 of luggage space behind the rear-most row of seats.

Passenger comforts include an airline style radiator running the length of the cabin to warm away the winter chills, and the option pack adds carpets, curtains and LED spotlights.

With enough headroom to accommodate the basketball team, enough luggage space for the cricket team and enough comfort to cosset the high-value soccer squad, the Renault Master Bus is an all round winner when it comes to ferrying teams of students around.

And with Renault’s 3-year factory warranty, and roadside assistance, plus the first 3 scheduled services capped at $349 each, and spaced up to 30,000km or one year apart, all you have to worry about is picking a winner from the palette of 10 hues to match the school’s uniform.

Find our more from your nearest Renault dealer. There are 53 of them across Australia, so there’s one near your school. Or call Renault direct on 1800 009 008.

When it comes to transporting your students in style, comfort and safety, Renault’s the Master mover.

Full details of the Renault Master Bus are available on the Renault website.

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