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Research shows edutech resources can improve literacy

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Educators are turning to alternative online methods of teaching to support the delivery of literacy, building foundations in primary school years and beyond. Despite a report from the OECD estimating a learning loss for children impacted by lockdowns, Victorian educators proved resilient and embraced digital learning.

Students’ literacy skills have not been greatly reduced by remote learning, as online education tools made it easier for teachers to accommodate different learning styles in their students. NAPLAN results from the past few years, and the adoption of post-Covid blended learning, has increased pressure on educators to maintain literacy standards using high quality edtech resources.

The Australian Resource Council Centre of Excellence for the Digital Child brought together national and international experts and partners to investigate children’s digital experiences, including a world-first study of 3000 Australian families and children from birth to eight years of age. The first of its kind, its aim was to evaluate the impacts of digital resources in the classroom.

“It became obvious that more exploration was needed to understand how children, families, educators, and health professionals engage with digital technologies across diverse settings, which could inform support for – and with – children during this exciting and challenging time of technology use,” says ARC Centre Director, Professor Susan Danby. “Our vision is to ensure young children grow up confident and healthy, connected and educated for the digital world.”

New digital literacy resources for primary school educators

As digital technologies become more pervasive, the study will explore the incline for edutech resources, children’s current screen time guidelines and how edutech resources enhance the curriculum for teachers and students.

Story Box Library, a partner in the ARC study, has been advocating for the Australian children’s book industry since its inception, remaining acutely aware of the growing demand from educators for high quality digital resources that can help them deliver literacy, language and learning programs in schools.

In response to this demand, and with help from the federal government’s Boosting Female Founders grant, Story Box Library are launching Story Tools, a brand-new digital literacy resource, exclusively for primary school educators.

Story Tools features 12 high-profile creators, authors and illustrators in video tutorials, engaging even reluctant readers and reserved learners, to create stories by mastering the mechanics of storytelling.

Story Box Library CEO and founder Ms Nicole Brownlee says: “We wanted to create something that directly supports all that teachers do, profiles our incredible Australian creative industry and inspires the next generation of storytellers. The research shows that education institutions have a lot to gain by partnering with edtech to support their strategic priorities. The real benefit of Story Tools is that it will provide regional and remote schools access to learning in literacy from a range of diverse and expert storytellers.”

“After a LOT of discussion and deliberation, we ended up designing three series of 12 lessons – some focusing on writing and illustrating craft, some looking at publishing behind-the-scenes secrets, and some aimed at giving kids the chance to explore their own reading tastes and discover some new books to love,” says Ms Melissa Keil, a featured Story Tools author-creator, and member of the core Story Box Library team.

About Story Box Library

A key player in the edtech space, Story Box Library empowers young minds with the literacy and digital skills they need to succeed in future. Supporting teachers with versatile educational resources, helping them save time and build confidence in the classroom, Story Box Library works with leading innovators, academics, and experts to continually transform education and learning. As an additional offering, Story Tools will help children grow up motivated and connected during the digital age.

Story Box Library recognises the importance of literacy in every child’s development. As an advocate for accessible and diverse children’s education since 2013, Story Box Library’s platform has been developed to inspire children with quality Australian literature from diverse authors, illustrators, and storytellers to improve literacy and language skills.

For primary school educators interested in subscribing to Story Tools to use as an exclusive resource at their school, visit

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