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Save time and money with JB Finance for education

The upfront cost of purchasing and managing technology can be a significant burden for many schools. JB Hi-Fi Education have partnered with market leader, De Lage Landen (DLL), to bring JB Finance to schools.

JB Finance provides competitive and flexible payment solutions to suit the operational requirements of educational institutions. With one point of contact at JB Hi-Fi Education, our commercial finance option allows schools to take advantage of asset leasing solutions. Create an asset refresh cycle and device accountability, lower the total cost of ownership, and spread the cost of technology into palatable monthly payments.

The JB Finance program provides two options to best suit your specific requirements:

1. Rent to return

Let us help you finance the technology and equipment for your institution over an agreed period. When the agreed period ends, you have the option of returning the equipment with no more to pay*, continue to rent it out or request fair market value to purchase it, giving you flexible options to suit your financial needs. Rent to return is a great solution for assets with a short shelf life and high depreciation, such as laptops, tablets and other IT equipment. Benefits of Rent to return include:

  • Fast and simple way to acquire equipment
  • Free up capital by avoiding large upfront costs
  • Add a payment holiday to match your equipment delivery time frame and school’s budget
  • Improve cash flow with regular fixed payments

*Assets must be returned in good working order.

2. Rent to own

Acquire new equipment for your institution through affordable monthly payments. You own the equipment at the end of the term for a nominal residual payment. Rent to own is a great option for fixed assets with longer lifecycles such as cooking, extraction fans and refrigeration for food technology fit outs.

How does it work?

Obtaining JB Finance involves six steps. It is possible not to proceed at any time prior to accepting the final JB Finance quote.

1. Request

Contact your JB Hi-Fi Education account manager to request a JB Finance quote. We will provide a number of indicative quote options, showing you payments over various terms, offering payment holidays whilst we procure your equipment, along with any add-ons such as peripherals, extended warranties and delivery fees.

2. Credit approval

JB Hi-Fi have created a joint application form to save you time. Our free, no obligation credit application is assessed by both JB Hi-Fi Education and our partner, De Lage Landen (DLL). If approved, you will receive a formal Credit Decision Advice stating the terms, payments and validity of the approval.

3. Confirm and prepare

If you wish to proceed, place your order. DLL will prepare your lease contract(s). Once signed, we order your equipment.

4. Payments

Payments can be structured to commence from the estimated delivery date of your equipment, or at settlement.

5. Add to your lease

Your application can allow you to obtain a credit limit so you can make further financed purchases in the future. Just place your order with JB Hi-Fi Education and the lease contract will be created to co-terminate with your existing lease or create a new term.

6. Refresh

Your account manager will contact you 6-9 months in advance of your lease expiring. We will provide you with a range of options including extending your lease term, providing a quote for purchasing back the equipment or the choice to return and pay no more.**

**Subject to device assessments and assets being in good working order

JB Finance isn’t just limited to computing technology – we can also support educational institutions with a wide range of equipment for audio-visual, STEM programs and even home economics.

Take the next step

Get in touch with one of our Education Account Managers to learn more about how the JB Finance can support your institution. Call us 1300 746 752 or email us at

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