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SBS launches cultural diversity study guides

SBS has created new educational resources to help secondary students gain a greater understanding of inclusion and appreciation for diversity through a series of videos, animations and classroom guides.


The Cultural Competence Program study guides were developed in partnership with the Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) association.

According to SBS, they were released in response to teachers around the country seeking a more accessible way to explore cultural differences within the classroom.

More than 60 short films and animations alongside classroom activities will enable teachers to cover a range of topics with students, including cultural differences and similarities, unconscious bias, cross-cultural communication and Australian population statistics

“With more than a quarter (26%) of Australians born overseas, there has never been a better time to educate young people on the importance of understanding and appreciating other cultures,” said Leon Coningham, Head of Distribution at SBS.

“The Cultural Competence Program is just one of the ways that SBS aims to foster social cohesion, by celebrating our differences and embracing all our cultures.”

The study guides are designed for students in Years 7 to 10, and are aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

Students are also encouraged to explore SBS’s Cultural Atlas, a website that provides detailed information about a large range of cultures. This includes statistics, cultural values, family structures and etiquette.

The Cultural Atlas aims to encourage students to develop an understanding of how to better connect with people from different backgrounds, while celebrating our differences and shared similarities.

SBS’s Cultural Competence Program was created in partnership with Multicultural NSW and International Education Services.

The free Cultural Competence study guides can be accessed by clicking here. To access SBS’s Cultural Atlas, please click here.

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