School playgrounds designed by big people for little treasures
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School playgrounds designed by big people for little treasures

School playgrounds designed by big people for little treasures

WillPlay is one of Australia’s leading playground manufacturers, providing excellent play value. Designed and manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions, all materials have been selected for resilience and durability for a long-life.

The importance of play for a child’s development is well known. Yet the role a school plays in this is sometimes overlooked. The pandemic has clearly shown the importance of wellbeing and the clear links between the lack of play and social interaction and negative affects on student wellbeing. A report by the Gonski Institution for Education, University of New South Wales titled, ‘Why is play important’ states: “It is vitally important that your child has access to play at school. And not only in early years but throughout the entire school. In a recent poll, 85 per cent of Australians agreed that children today spend less time playing compared to when they were growing up. A further 93 per cent agree that play helps children to build the skills they need for the future.“

WillPlay understand the importance of play for physical and mental well-being, especially when children have so many digital, non- physical play options. Improved educational and behavioural outcomes can be attributed to play in a school setting, and it enforces how important play and fitness equipment can be in a school environment.

With 10 years of designing and manufacturing play and fitness equipment in Australia, WillPlay offer full design and construct services to bring any project to life, regardless of size or budget. WillPlay’s National Sales Manager, Nathan Lee explains; “In designing our Australian made range of play and fitness equipment, we chose to use Australian recycled plastics, aluminium, stainless steel and ensure that all elements are manufactured in our own factory to ensure quality control is second to none. Not only does this enable the best value and product life for schools, it also allows a degree of customisation and theming that is difficult to match.”


WillPlay’s design and management team have extensive experience in turning a school’s concept into a reality that keeps students engaged and challenged, all within the confines of Australian standard designs. WillPlay work with individual schools to custom design a play solution based on user age, user needs, budget, existing shade and natural elements. An investment in play can be a challenging time for schools as there are many alternatives, and not every piece of equipment is right for every school. WillPlay’s designers can determine the best use of space and the most suitable equipment for your project.


When working toward solutions in schools with special needs, there needs to be a balance between accessibility and inclusion. Getting this balance right will make your play area inviting for all students and all abilities. Social inclusion is just as important as physical inclusion and designs can be customised to ensure that all children can play together in a fun and safe environment.


Australian manufacturing supports Australian families. WillPlay’s strong local supply chain means that every system has a high content of Australian sourced materials – supporting Australian businesses and Australian families.


When buying a play system from WillPlay, a school is not simply purchasing from a catalogue range of standard products. With their in-house design and manufacturing, customisation of design elements, colours and themes mean school’s will get the perfect system for their students and budget. With representatives and distributors all over Australia, WillPlay can turn your next project into something that other schools will be envious of. Offering a full design and construct service WillPlay can offer complete turn-key packages including equipment, softfall and shade structures. “There are very few equipment manufacturers that can offer the level of design customisation as WillPlay,” Lee says.

When looking for something a little different, why not combine play and fitness with WillPlay’s Urban Warrior range. These systems can also be incorporated into the school’s physical education program, and be used to benchmark children’s fitness and functionality over time.

WillPlay’s latest generation ‘Boxie’ and ‘Giant Tunnel’ ranges of products take school play to a whole new level. When schools need to cater to a wide range of user abilities, the ‘Sensory’ and ‘All Abilities’ ranges keep kids engaged and playing together.

WillPlay’s design team will change the way you look at play forever.

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This article was first published in Education Matters Primary Magazine, September 2022. To read the issue download it here. 


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