Top marks for school washroom improvements
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Top marks for school washroom improvements

Tork SmartOne dispenser

Every school has differences – each offers its own brand of education and point of focus. But a common story is that, almost all schools have washroom issues. Some schools suffer with more serious issues such as pilferage and vandalism while others, like Goulburn South Public School were experiencing annoying mess and mischief. These are problems shared by many.

Bev Grant, School Administration Manager of Goulburn South Public School in country NSW is responsible for keeping her school running smoothly. So when a student decides it’s a good idea to try to flush a toilet roll, everyone turns to Bev to fix it. “I get the call to go and fish yet another toilet roll out of the toilet,” she explained. It was enough to prompt Bev to look for a better alternative.

A smarter alternative was found at a conference in Sydney where Bev was introduced to a Tork® SmartOne® toilet paper dispenser. The high capacity system is lockable so the refill is secured away from mischievous students. It cleverly dispenses one sheet at a time and can reduce consumption by up to 40 percent. This means fewer refills and less maintenance and storage. The SmartOne dispensers are also shock and tamper proof and fire resistant – perfect for any school washroom.

The school had a range of different dispensers before switching to Tork. Other problems included finding towels to fit old dispensers, mess and waste. But a big expense was the cost of plumbing due to hand towel being flushed down the toilet and blocking the pipes. Tork H3 dispensers have now been installed with flushable hand towel refills and the school hasn’t had an issue since. “We actually will never know if the students are still flushing them because we don’t have any blockages anymore,” said Bev.

Hygiene is obviously important in all schools to prevent the spread of germs. But at Goulburn South, soap and towel dispensers have also been installed outside classrooms to encourage students to wash their hands before and after eating to help protect the students with allergies.

Changes like these usually come at a cost that many schools cannot afford. With the Tork Advantage program, dispensers are supplied free on loan as long as Tork refills are purchased. And it’s working for Goulburn South. “The best thing, honestly, is that it didn’t cost anything for the dispensers. It puts it within reach for smaller schools.”

Sid Takla, Executive General Manager B2B, Asaleo Care sees the benefits for schools of all sizes, “With minimum outlay, schools can upgrade their washroom facilities and do away with many of the issues, they have come to put up with. Issues such as overconsumption, waste and mess in the washroom can be a thing of the past.”

All in all, from needing to replenish refills less often to the washrooms looking, “so much tidier,” the changeover for Goulburn South has been a huge success. Bev reiterated, “I’m really happy with the Tork product, so I’ve told the school up the road about it.”

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