Schools failing to prepare kids: report
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Schools failing to prepare kids: report

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Schools are failing to prepare kids for the world of work, a new report has found.

The Mitchell Institute report, Preparing young people for the future of work, found that students are not graduating from school with the abilities they require to prosper.

“Our education system was formed in the manufacturing era, it was not designed to teach students how to navigate complex environments and multiple careers,” said report co-author, public policy expert Megan O’Connell in a statement.

“Young people need different skill sets to what is taught in the traditional curriculum if they are to thrive in high-tech, global, competitive job markets. Many young people are being left behind, and without significant change, we can expect to see more missing out in the future.”

Among the reports findings were that technology was rapidly replacing many jobs but our education model has been static for years and an estimated 40 per cent of jobs are at risk of being automated in the next 10-15 years.

It also highlighted that children starting preschool this year will have jobs not yet imagined, but our education system was designed in the wake of the industrial revolution.

The report emerged after the Victoria University-based institute gathered leaders from government, education and industry to discuss why unemployment rates were so high among young people, even those with qualifications.

Mitchell International Fellow, Professor Bill Lucas, said the school curriculum should prioritise creativity, critical thinking, curiosity and communication skills.

“Young people need to bring more than knowledge to the modern workforce. If you struggle to solve problems, collaborate or come up with new ideas, you won’t fare well in today’s or tomorrow’s job markets,” Professor Lucas said.

“It is time to accept that what students have learned for decades is no longer enough — it is time to change.”

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