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NAPLAN review details released

NAPLAN review details released

The Victorian, New South Wales and Queensland governments have released the Terms of Reference for their broad scale review of NAPLAN and standardised testing of school students.

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NAPLAN summary results released

ACARA has released NAPLAN 2019 summary results, which reveals some positive signs at the primary school level, however also indicates several areas for improvement, particularly at the secondary level.

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Transition to NAPLAN online delayed

Following a meeting of Australia’s education ministers, the national online rollout of NAPLAN has been postponed until 2021, after connectivity issues and computer glitches impacted numerous students who took the test online earlier this year.

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Video: Answering student NAPLAN questions

Ahead of upcoming 2019 NAPLAN testing in mid-May, Jenny Donovan, Executive Director for the Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation at the NSW Department of Education, provides expert advice for Year 7 and Year 9 students about to sit the test.


Helping educators to navigate NAPLAN

Animal protection charity, Voiceless, has launched a series of free new resources that are designed to assist teachers of Years 7 and 9 who are preparing for NAPLAN. Read more

NAPLAN, PISA results

NAPLAN 2018 National Report released

The 2018 NAPLAN National Report, published by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA), has revealed significant cumulative gains in various domains since the testing was introduced in 2008.

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NAPLAN, PISA results

Gonski calls for NAPLAN to be scrapped

A recommendation to remove the current approach to national testing and replace it with sample testing of students across Australia has been submitted to the Council of Australian Governments’ (COAG) review of NAPLAN.

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NAPLAN, PISA results

Putting teaching before testing: teachers score NAPLAN

As students around the nation begin the 2019 school year, education expert at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Dr Don Carter, says focussing on learning outcomes and a coherent curriculum should be a priority for schools, rather than placing an excessive emphasis on NAPLAN preparation.

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Online versus pen and paper NAPLAN testing

Head of School at the School of Education at University of Newcastle, Professor John Fischetti, discusses his thoughts on the move towards online NAPLAN testing.

AEU calls for NAPLAN review

The Australian Education Union (AEU) has slammed this year’s NAPLAN online trial, labelling the data collected as worthless, as it calls for a comprehensive review of NAPLAN and My School.

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Student takes exam

Online NAPLAN results in the spotlight

As NAPLAN continues its transition from paper-based to computer-based testing, the assessment program has made headlines once again amid concerns that the data may be too difficult to be meaningfully compared.

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Video: NAPLAN results 10 years on

Professor John Hattie speaks with 7.30’s Leigh Sales about NAPLAN, 10 years on from its implementation.

Tony Church presents his insight into interactive displays in schools

NAPLAN Online gains positive reviews

Hundreds of schools around Australia have begun trialling NAPLAN Online. The executive director of NSW’s Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation, Jenny Donovan, told ABC News schools were polled before the online trials to ascertain the number of laptops they had available and the extent of their online connectivity.

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Digital Transformation Agency not consulted over NAPLAN online

The Education Department has reportedly not consulted with the Federal Fovernment’s digital services agency after its online NAPLAN program experienced technical glitches this year.

Fairfax Media reported that Digital Transformation Agency representatives told senators in an estimates hearing on Tuesday their agency weren’t contacted about fixing the project to shift student literacy and numeracy tests online after the states and territories pulled out of it in April.

Recently, Victorian, Western Australian and ACT governments announced they would withdraw from a trial of the online NAPLAN technology, after South Australia and Queensland withdrew it earlier in the year.

DTA official Nerida O’Loughlin said the program was an Education Department matter and that responsibility for IT projects remained with government agencies implementing them.

Labor senator Jenny McAllister said Education’s failure to involve the agency raised questions about its role.

“We’ve been talking about this for successive estimates and it has struck me that the role clarity about what the organisation is trying to accomplish has been a little deficient,” she said.

Power failures, freezing, browser issues and broken internet connections were just of the issues in the initial trials of the online NAPLAN tests, according to a report by principals.

The online test will be gradually introduced over a three-year period.