Casio Lampfree Projectors for Schools

Shining a light on Casio’s Lampfree Projection


With 200 school days each year, around five hours of use every day, that’s a 20-year lifespan. No wonder lamp-free projectors have taken over the education market.

Casio may be best known for its calculators and watches, but it is truly an innovator in the projector space. Casio is the only manufacturer of a full line of lamp-free projectors. Distributed in Australia by Shriro, Casio invented the LED/ Laser Hybrid back in 2010.

Globally the premier brand in solid-state illumination technology, Futuresource, Casio is now in its sixth generation of lamp-free and offer a full five year warranty. Key benefits to the education vertical are instant on/off/restart within five seconds, no lamp or filter replacements, made in Japan and low power consumption.

The unit comes standard with bracket, cable cover and Wi-Fi dongle for wireless connectivity. Make the change and save money. Ask for your free total cost of ownership evaluation and product demonstration today.

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