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Sparking adventure at Live Wire Park

The expert team of outdoor explorers at Live Wire Park are passionate about encouraging students to make the most of the great outdoors through action-packed outdoor adventures that are sure to challenge the body and mind, while recharging the spirit.

Nestled in the Otway Forest, just off the Great Ocean Road is where the call of the wild can be answered with a day trip to Live Wire Park. Safe, secure, and full of fun, Live Wire Park is the perfect way for students and teachers alike to enjoy Victoria’s rainforests while learning about the local flora and fauna and participating in the park’s sustainability education program.

Championing sustainability education

As Australia’s first outdoor adventure park, powered entirely by nature, Live Wire Park has been thoughtfully designed to have a minimal impact on the environment. Fuelled by solar power, paired with all water being collected, used, and treated on site, Live Wire Park is a sustainable business.

The park’s eco-approach adds an educational dimension to the experience. The Live Wire team takes student groups through core sustainability principles, explaining how they have been implemented them in the building of the park to ensure minimal impact on the environment.

As students scale trees, swing on ropes, and plunge down the park’s bungee circuits, amidst the native gumtrees and lush natural landscapes, they will also learn about the history of the temperate local rainforest, which contains dense biodiversity and several species of trees and plants with some towering Blue Gum Eucalypts estimated to be more than 150 years old.

Live Wire Park offers challenges that will test even the most seasoned rope lover’s endurance, agility and problem-solving skills. Credit: Lynton Crabb.


Students will learn about the park’s photovoltaic off grid system and how by harnessing solar energy, it uses a 5.4 kW Solar Array which charges a battery bank, and in turn, powers the entire park.


Live Wire Park’s water cycle management plan and the systems in place to capture water on-site, negate the need for mains water. The park also treats waste onsite through selfcomposting toilets and recycling grey water.


The Live Wire Park team will also introduce students to the native wildlife including koalas, wombats, and kookaburras, which frequently make an appearance during these outdoor excursions.

Supercharging self-confidence

Studies show that encouraging secondary school students to overcome their fears and try new activities can help them become more confident and self-assured, in addition to offloading the built-up energy and frustration that comes with adolescence. Ultimately, enabling them to be calmer and more focused when they return to the classroom. Students will experience the sense of freedom and autonomy that comes from self-directed outdoor learning, while building greater confidence in their abilities, forging friendships with their fellow outdoor explorers, and developing valuable social and communication skills.

Supported by the Live Wire Park team, park activities are the ultimate group bonding experience, bringing students together in a new setting, away from sometimes stressful and familiar environments. At Live Wire Park, students will naturally come out of their shells and become more social, more cooperative, and more encouraging of one another, making them open to meeting and talking to new people and making new friends.

The Super Circuit features 53 mid-air trails to challenge the physical and mental abilities of students. Credit: Lynton Crabb.

Electrifying outdoor experiences


Elevated above the Blue Gums, Live Wire Park’s Canopy Circuit features 120 metres of easy treetop suspended pathway, in addition to a five-zone elevated trampolining net park known as the Spring Circuit. For the little live wires, the Short Circuit has been designed with children and smaller teenagers in mind.


For an electric outdoor adventure unlike any other, the park’s Super Circuit will challenge the physical and mental abilities of even the most seasoned high ropes lovers. Featuring 53 mid-air trails, suspended bridges, tree scaling activities and an electrifying Tarzan swing, the Super Circuit tree top challenge is designed for thrill seekers and active adventurers ready to test their endurance, agility and problem-solving skills.


For adrenaline seekers, the Shockwave Zip Coaster is the most extreme zip line in Australia. The ultimate zip lining joy ride 525 metres long, the Shockwave Zip Coaster pulses forward at electrifying speed, with twists and turns, charged by the sheer force of gravity. Get ready for an outdoor adventure experience like no other.


Live Wire Park is a family-owned business, run by locals who are passionate about the environment and sharing the natural wonders of the Surf Coast of Australia with the rest of the world. The park offers school group pricing and activities including a 25% discount for school groups as well as teachers who can attend free of charge. For more tailored, or overnight trips, the Live Wire team also offers catering services and local accommodation recommendations.

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