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An important schoolyard asset

While other static playground equipment provide significant play value, no equipment allows children to climb so freely, safely and as high as rope structures do, according to adventure+.

Climbing is more than just a fun children’s activity. Rope play not only has potential to improve a child’s motor and balancing skills, but assists a wide range of areas, including muscle development. As rope is a flexible material that moves when you use it, it constantly challenges children as they climb, and every action on a part of the structure has a reaction in another area. For example, when a child stands on one side of the structure, it wobbles the opposite side, thus improving their balance and ability to play with others.

One of the fundamentals of rope-based play is that while it is challenging, it is safe.

“Over the many years of supplying equipment to schools, we have had very few safety complaints about these structures. In fact, we mostly hear that they are so successful that schools have to roster on turns for their students,” says Glenn Kelsey, adventure+ Design Director.

At first glance, the structures may appear risky, however, all compliant rope structures are designed in such a way that children can’t fall from the top to the bottom of structures that are taller than the maximum free height of fall allowed. The configuration of the net is strategically designed so as to catch the user if they were to fall.

While many different configurations of rope structures are available, one fundamental is their capacity to accommodate large numbers of children. The large web net allows children of all age groups to play and socialise at the same time.

“We have installed rope climbing structures in a variety of different school types, including secondary schools, where older children use them to sit and chat in their lunch break, special schools and of course, primary schools,” Glenn adds.

Most rope structures are suited to all age groups – juniors can play on sections of the structure where there are narrower distances between ropes, while seniors can use more challenging sections with large distances between ropes.

Of course, while rope structures are a great choice for school playground equipment, other traditional types are also suitable. adventure+ provides a range of playground equipment and being a manufacturer allows it to take into account specific budgets, site restrictions or desired styles to create a solution that suits the exact individual needs of a school. Need advice on your play project? Contact a Consultant on 1300 237 587 or visit www.adventureplus.net.au

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