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Spotlight on international learning

international learning

WorldStrides invites schools to explore a range of educational travel programs across Asia that offer an abundance of academic and personal development opportunities for students to fulfil their potential and grow beyond their comfort zones.

From language, culture, history, humanities, art and science, Asia offers so many academic benefits for students to grow, learn and have fun on an incredible once in a lifetime adventure, while delving into the mysteries and traditions of the Far East.

Educational travel is at the heart of WorldStrides. Founded in 1967, now with offices around the world, including Australia, WorldStrides is a trusted global organisation that has created educational travel experiences for over 9.5 million students.

For teachers, organising an educational tour to Asia with WorldStrides is the perfect opportunity to encourage a love of history in students, while they learn first-hand about political dynasties, ideological battles, territorial power struggles and religious traditions that evolved over thousands of years through times of turbulence, growth, and change.

Traversing Japan offers students to a diverse range of activities to explore such as skiing, practising calligraphy, tea-making ceremonies, and making sushi.


Students will experience a fascinating mix of ancient temples, sacred shrines, historic monuments and shiny neon lights as they travel to Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Osaka. Japan is an all-around sensorial experience that is one of WorldStrides’ most popular destinations for history, language and art students.

Japan also provides some of the best snow conditions the world has to offer. Whether visiting the areas of Hakuba, Myoko Kogen, Nozawa Onsen or Niseko – students can ski the slopes then explore local street markets, soak in the hot springs or Onsen’s, practise Japanese calligraphy, take part in a tea-making ceremony, or learn how to make sushi.


Home to the largest population on the planet, China tops WorldStrides’ list for the sheer volume and variety of experiences it offers to students. As one of the four ancient civilisations, there is endless culture and heritage for students to absorb on an educational travel program in China. Not only is China rich in history, but it is a major global player at the forefront of industry and innovation in the modern world.

With some of the largest cities in the world, China is constantly pushing the boundaries of technology. Students will go behind the scenes on guided tours of major manufacturing plants, visit museums, laboratories and organisations devoted to science and technology. They will also learn about China’s use of science and technology in ancient and recent times.

international learning
Students can learn first-hand about the political dynasties, ideological battles, territorial power struggles and religious traditions that make Asian history so rich and storied.


Known for its vibrant culture, diverse natural landscapes and exotic wildlife, Indonesia is the perfect destination for students keen on learning about language, art and humanities. With bustling markets, tiny traditional villages, verdant rice terraces and opulent sultan’s palaces, students will be immersed in the natural environment of Indonesian culture.

Whether it is the ‘Best of Indonesia’ tour or the ‘Language Immersion: Bali’ tour, students can enjoy cooking classes, dance performances, and outdoor adventures, and fast-track their language skills at the Indonesia Australian Language School.


Take in the fascinating history and warm hospitality of this fiercely independent country, which has survived many challenges throughout its lifetime and is beloved by all who visit. On the tour of Vietnam from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, students will deepen their knowledge of Vietnam’s war-torn past as they experience a vibrant culture of floating markets, historical temples, picturesque villages, iconic natural wonders, and fresh, flavourful cuisine.

The best time to visit Vietnam is in the dry season from November to May, however, travel between April and May, will give the best chance for clear skies when rainfall is low and temperatures mild.


Cambodia is an enchanting country brimming with culture. It may be small, but this little gem is stunningly beautiful and offers a huge variety of attractions and experiences that cannot be found anywhere else, including its ancient and mystical temples.

On WorldStrides’ Cambodian tour, students will be fully immersed in the diverse culture while engaging in community programs designed to hone their sense of empathy and social justice.

Through service-learning experiences and visits to community not-for-profit centres, students actively engage with and contribute to diverse global communities. Educational theory is put into practice in rewarding, tangible ways that have meaningful benefits. By engaging with the local culture, students cultivate empathy and see firsthand the challenges they face in their everyday lives.


Known for its vibrant culture, diverse natural landscapes and exotic wildlife, Indonesia is the perfect destination for students of language, art and humanities. Students immerse themselves in Balinese culture; enjoying cooking classes, dance performances, outdoor adventures and the opportunity to build on their language skills as they interact with locals.

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