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Students learn to be Road Smart

Provided free of charge, Road Smart is a road safety education and training program delivered to Year 10 students (or equivalent) by trained facilitators, right across Victoria.

Designed to build on the existing road knowledge and skills of students, Road Smart aims to establish the foundations for safe driving in young drivers.
“Our students really appreciate this program and we are looking forward to the driving component now,” says Year 10 Coordinator, Belgrave.

Funded by the Victorian Government and delivered by VicRoads Community Programs, Road Smart is an initiative that supports and enhances Victoria’s Graduated Licensing System.

The Graduated Licensing System is Victoria’s new approach for anyone aged under 21 who is learning to drive. It requires at least 120 hours of learner driving practice with a supervising driver, followed by a year on red P-plates and three years on green P-plates before a driver is fully licensed. Drivers must have a zero-alcohol limit and mobile phone use is banned. On red P-plates, there is an additional restriction that only one peer passenger may travel with the driver.

Since the introduction of the Graduated Licensing System, Victoria’s road casualties for younger drivers have been significantly reduced.
“All of your facilitators were absolutely wonderful. The day went really well and the kids definitely got something out of it. Can you please thank them (for the 100th time, I’m sure) for such a fantastic day. And I look forward to planning it again next year,” says Year 10 Coordinator, Langwarrin.

Road Smart is a comprehensive program for pre and learner drivers. It entails:
• An interactive classroom session delivered by a trained facilitator;
• Online eLearning modules for learner drivers and their supervising drivers;
• A free in-car driving lesson with a professional driving instructor; and
• A teacher’s resource toolkit that is linked to the Victorian Curriculum.

“Thank you for providing this service for our students. The feedback has been very positive,” says Head Teacher Year 10, Vermont South.

VicRoads Community Programs are funded under the Road User Vehicle Access group by the Transport Accident Commission (TAC).

The Road Smart program is designed to provide students with a broader understanding of road trauma and its causes; the importance of a staged approach when learning to drive, and their own responsibility for promoting road safety.

By taking the program into schools, Road Smart can directly reach young pre-learner and learner drivers and teach them the importance of practising safe driving.
“Thanks for sending three brilliant presenters once again. My students were well behaved because your guys were engaging and the material relevant,” says Year 10 Coordinator, Belgrave.

Road Smart replaces the Keys Please program that was successfully delivered to Victorian Year 10 students for around 18 years. Road Smart is an improved, more targeted program. It is delivered to smaller groups and introduces eLearning and an on-road opportunity that Keys Please did not provide.

“A sincere thanks to all involved in supporting students – the program provided our students with a wonderful introduction to the world of driving. The students were initially very apprehensive but quickly relaxed into learning. The theory was extremely engaging and very appropriate and the practical was an amazing opportunity for them. I was fortunate enough to witness the faces of students returning from the driving lesson and I am happy to report the smiles were broad and the chatter, sheer delight,” says Year 10 Coordinator, Canterbury.

To become a Road Smart school, please email to register your interest.

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