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Survey shows dissatisfaction with education system

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Nearly a third of parents believe the nation’s education system is failing to prepare children to life after school.

News Corp reported the findings of the Goodstart Early Learning national poll of 1500 parents of young children.

The results found that 29 per cent believe our education system is getting worse at equipping students with the skills they need and schools are not doing enough to transition students to post-schooling life.

Conversely, just 18 per cent believe the state of education is getting better.

John Cherry, Advocacy Manager for Goodstart, told News Corp Australia needed to do better on education for children aged three to eight years of age.

“This survey highlights the need for Australia to develop a more comprehensive approach to education from ages 3 to 8 that better supports children as they grow in their learning,” Mr Cherry said.

“Possibly our schools could learn from interacting more with our early learning centres which, at the high quality end, have a strong emphasis on each child’s individual learning journey.”

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