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Swift action needed to address the teacher shortage

teacher shortage

Teachers are leaving the profession at unprecedented rates and the teacher shortage is being felt across education settings; from primary and secondary schools; to universities; to TAFEs. This is creating added pressure for teachers who are choosing to stay, resulting in negative press for the industry,  and fewer people choosing the career.

It’s a challenging cycle that has left school leaders seeking innovative measures to fill their workforce. According to Dr Kellie Tobin, Course Coordinator at Deakin University, the issue of teacher shortages requires swift action, new avenues of support and upskilling.

“There were cracks in the education system before the pandemic, but that experience has really highlighted the urgency with which we need to act. And this isn’t unique to Australia. We’ve reached critical levels globally,” says Dr Tobin. “That’s why, at Deakin University, our focus remains on creating responsive teaching courses that can grow and evolve with the industry.”

For example, Deakin’s Master of Applied Learning and Teaching (MALT) offers an accelerated, employment-based pathway for secondary school settings.

Since the start of 2022, MALT has given over 100 students the opportunity to learn while working in the vocation. And with a summer trimester on offer, students can complete the course within 18 months, instead of the standard two-year approach.

Another option is Deakin’s Graduate Certificate of Adult Vocational Education Training (GCAVET), which equips students with advanced teaching skills for the vocational education setting.

“We offer flexible online study options for both courses to cater to our diverse cohort of students,” says Dr Tobin.

When it comes to employment outcomes, the career prospects are immense with Deakin courses ranking number one nationally, and number five globally.

So, what’s Dr Tobin’s advice? Jump into the opportunity.

“As an academic working in Higher Education with numerous schoolwide partnerships, I receive urgent requests every week from school leaders looking to employ our pre-service teachers. Especially in the ‘harder to staff’ and rural settings,” she says.

“MALT and GCAVET are exciting pathways that enable students to study while earning an income. Plus, learning on the job really supports assessments and coursework – and allows students to develop professional partnerships – all while making an immediate impact on the lives of the students,” she concludes.

“With these courses moving quickly to change the landscape, the future of the vocation is now getting back on track – an outcome that is much needed in our communities.”

Ready to discover an accelerated pathway to teaching?

Explore Deakin’s responsive programs today – and help build a stronger tomorrow.

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