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Australian Year 4 literacy levels

Year 4 students hold their ground in international literacy assessment

An international study implemented nationally by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) has found that Australian Year 4 students’ literacy levels have remained steady during the COVID-19 pandemic. Results from the study also showed a decline in Australian teachers’ job satisfaction.
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Acer’s best practices guide to device care

This cheerful animation from Acer discusses best practices for device care. Aimed at ensuring users get the most out of their educational laptop range, this short video is a great resource for educators,
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Reducing the risk of accidental laptop damage

Accidents with laptops happen. Especially in the hands of students. This animation shows the lengths Acer goes through to make their laptops for education more durable.
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An educator’s guide to accidental damage with student laptops

Students have accidents, and by proxy, so do their essential tools. This is especially true when it comes to laptops, which, due to their portability, are susceptible to damage from varying conditions – whether that’s in the schoolyard, between classes, or at home. Read More

Creating equal learning opportunities: The Manaiakalani Case Study

The Manaiakalani community – a cluster of schools in New Zealand – has its roots in Tamaki, a suburb of Auckland. Home to the country’s oldest government housing community, the Tamaki school district is among the lowest socio-economic groups in the country.
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