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Embracing AI’s potential for literacy improvement

  Within a few short months, ChatGPT and its ilk have become hot conversation topics among educators. Some say AI will trigger the demise of humanity, destroy original thought, and dumb down classroom instruction. But what if the opposite were true?
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The virtual classroom

In the age of big data, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality, technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate. Education Matters reports on what educational technology means for students, teachers, and the classroom of the future –and how these emerging technologies are changing the way we think about learning.
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The role of GAI in education

Generative artificial intelligence (GAI) was a simmering trend in small technology communities, before bursting onto the scene earlier this year, when ChatGPT, the latest GAI tool, made headlines for its sophisticated human-like text outputs, complete with advanced essay writing and coding capabilities. In this article, Professor George Siemens, of the University of South Australia, discusses the implications of GAI for the future of education.
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Embracing new AI-deas in the classroom

Traditional school environments were designed to encourage students to think for themselves and cultivate critical thinking skills, problem solving abilities, and originality of thought. But what happens when artificial intelligence makes it possible for students to get a robot to doing their thinking for them? Education Matters reports.
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AI expert deep dives into ChatGPT in webinar

In an exciting new webinar Redesigning Assessment for an Ever-Changing World, hosted by United Kingdom-based PebblePad, leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) expert Dr Stefan Popenici of Charles Darwin University (CDU) discusses the drawbacks and advantages of using ChatGPT in education. Read More