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Creative competition highlights sustainability

The Bostik Smart Schools program is offering primary students across Australia the chance to win a share in $21,000 worth of grants and prizes for their school, by entering a unique craft project inspired by this year’s theme of environment and sustainability.

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How small changes can make a big impact

Cool Australia has teamed up with the Jane Goodall Institute Australia to launch a series of primary lessons that encourage critical thinking about issues including deforestation, climate change and waste. Education Matters speaks with celebrated scientist and environmental activist Dr Jane Goodall ahead of her upcoming Australian tour.

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Sustainable schools awards

Recognising the efforts that teachers, students and parents make to positively impact the environment, entries for Sustainability Victoria’s ResourceSmart Schools Awards are now open.

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Scholarship program for young eco-warriors

A two-week student scholarship program will highlight various environmental issues, as students embark on a scientific expedition through two UNESCO world heritage sites.

Sponsored by the Alcoa Foundation, the all-expenses paid NatureBridge scholarship program is open to students aged between 16-18 years.

It will see 63 students from across the globe embark on a backpacking adventure through the Yosemite National Park in California and Olympic National Park in Washington during July and August 2019.

During the program, students will take part in hands-on science projects and become part of a think-tank on environmental issues such as biodiversity and climate change.

Daniel Iversen from Perth, who took part in last year’s program, said he learned a great deal about how simple changes can have a significant impact on the environment.

“The trip taught me just how much humans are influencing the natural environment and that it’s time to really start making changes in our lives to preserve these natural wonders,” he said.

“Things like reducing plastic waste, putting the effort in to recycle and to not worry about a little dirt on your food if you drop it.”

Alcoa of Australia Managing Director Michael Parker added that the NatureBridge program aimed to inspire and empower high school students to become long-term environmental stewards with strong connections to the natural world.

“We are building the next generation of sustainability ambassadors and we strongly believe that being immersed in nature while studying science will have long-term impact on these young people,” Mr Parker said.

A total of 288 scholarships have been awarded by the Alcoa Foundation since the inaugural NatureBridge expedition in 2014.

Applications for the 2019 NatureBridge scholarship program are open now until 4 March 2019. For more information and to apply please click here.

National Water Week competition for schools

In celebration of National Water Week, running from 21-27 October, Smart Approved WaterMark has launched a national competition that encourages students to share what they think and love about water for the chance to win water efficient products for their school.

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Learning hub

Disrupting learning to foster innovation

Teachers plan for learning and do so intentionally. We consider learning intent and how students will demonstrate their thoughts, skills and understandings. We embed opportunities to provide ongoing feedback and do so to enable further growth and development. We support, nourish, provide counsel and encourage. But how often do we consider the role of the physical environment in learning? The environment can significantly impact student learning with flexible and inviting spaces acting not only as enablers for learning, but when designed intentionally, can strategically disrupt the learning process.

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