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Photo competition celebrates girls in STEM

A school photo competition that aims to encourage girls to develop an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths (STEM) careers has announced its latest winners, awarding a record of 14 prizes to girls and their schools. Read More

Creativity the key to solving maths problems

According to Dr Carol Aldous of Flinders University, there is strong evidence that intuitive, non-cognitive thought processes – including creativity and emotion – are vital to solving mathematical problems. Read More

University debts waived for remote school teachers

The Australian Government has introduced new legislation that will see up to five years worth of HELP debts waived for eligible teachers who spend at least four years working in very remote schools. Read More

Students embark on fossil expedition

Three South Australian high school students have had the opportunity to take part in an outback field excursion, digging up ancient fossils, as part of the annual Flinders University James Moore Memorial Prize in Palaeontology. Read More

The impacts of bullying in Year 7

Students who bully or are victims of bullying in Year 7 are at a higher risk of playing the same roles between Years 8 and 11, according to a new study conducted by Flinders University in Adelaide.
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