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Encouraging greater female participation in engineering

With women making up less than 10 per cent of engineers in Australia, the Engineering for Australia Taskforce, created to tackle low numbers of women studying engineering, has launched a new report identifying a need to remove barriers and change the perception of engineering in society and schools to encourage greater female participation in the field. Read More

Photo competition celebrates girls in STEM

A school photo competition that aims to encourage girls to develop an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths (STEM) careers has announced its latest winners, awarding a record of 14 prizes to girls and their schools. Read More
Girls in STEM - overcoming challenges-Linda Hobbs

Girls in STEM: Overcoming challenges

Associate Professor in Science Education at Deakin University, Linda Hobbs, discusses the underrepresentation of girls in STEM, highlighting some of the most prevalent challenges and what we can do to help overcome them. Read More
Choose Maths championing girls in STEM

Choose Maths championing girls in STEM

Choose Maths was created with the aim of increasing participation of girls in mathematics, however the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) reveals sustained funding is critical for the project to achieve long-term impact. Read More