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Dairy Australia calls on primary schools

Dairy Australia is encouraging primary school students to get creative as part of the 2019 Healthy Bones Action Week program, with prizes awarded to the winning school.

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Quit Victoria schools program

Quit Victoria has launched its annual youth tobacco education initiative, The Critics’ Choice, and is calling on schools across Australia to get involved.

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Choose the best hydration to nurture the best academic performance

The brain is made up of approximately 73 per cent water. It controls movement, memory, speech and the function of many of the body’s vital organs. But in order to do all of that correctly, it needs to remain hydrated. When the brain is dehydrated, it shrinks and needs to work much harder than it does when it is properly hydrated. Read more

Healthy body, healthy mind

Encouraging students to get outdoors and exercise at school is not only great for their physical health and wellbeing, it has a positive impact in the classroom too, promoting enhanced concentration and cognitive function.

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Seeking a smokefree country

Janet Hoek, Professor of Public Health and Marketing at the University Of Otago explains how New Zealand researchers are looking to Australia’s experience in plain packaging of tobacco products to decrease the incidence of smoking.

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Vaxcards: Playing cards that encourage immunisations

A Melbourne doctor and friend have turned to crowdfunding in order to generate interest in a card game that teaches kids about vaccinations.

The card game, Vaxcards, works along very similar lines to other popular games of its type, using bright cartoon illustrations and a simple set of rules in the hope of encouraging kids to use them in the playground.

Each of the cards represents a different type of contagion, such as Schistosomiasis, Pertussis, Tetanus and Leishmaniasis, in the form of quirky characters.

Dr Daniel Epstein and Adam Zemski came up with the idea when considering how to make the concept of immunisation more appearing to schoolchildren.

“The game mechanics are based on symptoms and statistics from the real diseases, so this hame has huge appeal for science teachers as well when teaching students about the human body and its immune system,” Dr Epstein said.

The concept is currently being run as a startup business, allowing the pair to produce and distribute the cards as it scales up. They are specifically designed to be affordable, at $20 for all five available decks.

“We’re also offering discounted print-and-play PDF files and a free starter deck via our website, which gets players started with the first 10 cards.

“Down the track we hope to use funding to further translate the game into several languages and distribute alongside vaccination programs to places and people that need education and reward for vaccination the most,” Dr Epstein explained.

You can find out more about Vaxcards and how to play via their website.