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Embracing AI’s potential for literacy improvement

  Within a few short months, ChatGPT and its ilk have become hot conversation topics among educators. Some say AI will trigger the demise of humanity, destroy original thought, and dumb down classroom instruction. But what if the opposite were true?
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podcasts for kids

The top eight podcasts for kids

From a hilarious podcast about the human body, a detective series that investigates killer butterflies and glow worms, to art-curious kids who investigate what freaky snakes have to do with art, an age-appropriate news podcast, Dads reading fabulous books and The Beanies learning how teeny tiny spiders learn to be brave – LiSTNR has just released the top eight podcasts for kids entertainment.
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edutech digital literacy primary students

Research shows edutech resources can improve literacy

Educators are turning to alternative online methods of teaching to support the delivery of literacy, building foundations in primary school years and beyond. Despite a report from the OECD estimating a learning loss for children impacted by lockdowns, Victorian educators proved resilient and embraced digital learning. Read More
Parents support the new NAPLAN

Parents strongly support the new NAPLAN standards

The Australian Parents Council (APC) has stated that the simplification from 10 bands to 4 levels of achievement is strongly supported by the Australian Parents Council, as part of the new NAPLAN standards that state and territory Education Ministers agreed to last week. Read More