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New initiative to support non-verbal students

According to a new report by Monash University’s Castan Centre for Human Rights Law, Victorian students with disabilities are not only being turned away from schools, but once enrolled, many are being socially isolated or not receiving the support they need to learn.

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Free online resources for teachers

Monash Education has launched TeachSpace, an online space for teachers that provides how-to videos, case studies and handy tips for the classroom.

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New project investigates correlation between art and play

A multi-disciplinary project that engages students at Dandenong Primary School in an extended investigation into the relationships between play (personal collecting) and cultural production (institutional collections) has been conceived by artist-educator 
Kym Maxwell.

Forming part of Monash University Museum of Art’s (MUMA) new exhibition called Shapes of Knowledge, the project Objects of Longing
will result in a live theatre piece performed by the students at MUMA on Saturday 23 February 2019.

MUMA has an existing relationship with at Dandenong Primary School, which is located in the outer suburbs of Melbourne and has a multicultural demographic of recently settled refugees and an enthusiastic art department and principal.

Taking place over 18 months to 
allow for a diverse engagement across various learning platforms (site visits, class work, workshops and assessments), Objects of Longing began in Term 3 of 2018 with
 a facilitated workshop at MUMA.

Participating students had
 the opportunity to go behind-the-scenes at the museum with curators and educators to learn about what museums collect and why. Students had the opportunity to view original artworks from the Monash University Collection and discuss the works.

Following the excursion, students
 engaged in a series of artist-led workshops at school. These activities were designed to encourage the students to research, develop and communicate their ideas about collecting and the role of collecting during playtime, with some students undertaking 
the task of being researchers. The creative outcomes of this stage (including artworks from the MUMA collection, student material responses and collecting paraphernalia) will
 be exhibited as part of Shapes of Knowledge at MUMA.

Monash launches the Q Project

A new Monash University project is helping schools to use research evidence to improve teaching and learning, thanks to a $6.3 million grant from the Paul Ramsay Foundation.

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Fun with physics

Students from a Melbourne primary school, St Joseph’s in Hawthorn, recently joined some of Monash University’s Master of Teaching students and worked collaboratively to create a marble run. Read more