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First nations students face digital divide from COVID-19

First nations households are suffering a large digital divide with the rest of Australia, following a new report released on Closing the Gap Day showed one in four first nations households had no internet access, limiting learning opportunities for Indigenous students. Read more

Schooling online during periods of disruption: using technology to enhance remote learning and to keep students safe

The coronavirus crisis has been a reminder to Australians at large that the healthy functioning of schools is of paramount importance to society. Schools are vital to the Australian economy, not only because they allow parents to work, but because they educate the professionals of the future. The full impact of the pandemic is yet to be realised but educators nationwide have had to adapt to teaching their curriculum online. Read more

VIDEO: Teaching with YouTube 02: Shooting + Editing

How should you shoot and edit lessons for students to access online?

Eddie Woo offers a guide to the “recipe” used when making videos for YouTube, the techniques he’s learned to use over the years when filming classes.

CASPA: Relationships are central to what we do

Let’s set the record straight. Despite what ill-informed parts of the media portrayed as ‘home learning’ being the norm at the end of Term 1 and beginning of Term 2 in most states and territories, it was most certainly not the case. Schools were still open in most cases, some students of both essential workers and other parents were still in attendance, and ‘online learning’ was in fact the norm. Although some parents were able to play a more active role in the learning of their children, behind the scenes, teachers and diversity supports were hard at work maintaining relationships to ensure the continued learning of the students in their care. Read more