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student potential

Data-driven schools unlock student potential

An online interactive education platform, developed by Monash University alumni, is capturing student academic development and providing real-time learning progress reports for teachers and parents. Read more

VIDEO: Teaching with YouTube 01: Equipment

What kind of equipment can teachers use to record lessons for students to access online?

Eddie Woo offers a guide to the “ingredients” I use when making videos for YouTube: the gear that I’ve learned to use over the years when filming my classes.

Online safety education opportunities for educators in 2022

eSafety sets a framework for A+ online safety education

By Julie Inman Grant, eSafety Commissioner

As we celebrate the Daniel Morcombe Foundation’s Biggest Online Safety Lesson today, it is timely to reflect on the importance of online safety education and the lessons learnt from our recent time in lockdown — particularly around 21st century education. Read more

Cyber safety: Keeping students safe online

Technology is changing the way educators teach and students learn. As children and young people navigate the online world, educating them about how to use technology safely and responsibly is key to creating digital intelligence and adequately preparing them for the world of the future.

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Diversity issues in computer science classes.

Playing it safe online

Digital safety is an important topic that should be taught at school and at home, writes Founder of ScopeIT Education, Frank Lucisano.

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