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VEX Robotics hands-on STEM learning

Robotics tools to inspire hands-on STEM learning

With STEM education front and centre, there is a growing focus on the importance of teaching students to innovate, think critically and problem solve. VEX Robotics is honing in on this need with its engaging hands-on solutions that encourage collaborative student-centred learning. Read More

45% of Australian teenagers consider a career in technology

A new report reveals 45 per cent of Australian teenagers surveyed would consider a career in technology, citing that technology is generally moving in a positive direction and will play an even greater role in their lives in the future, however perceived barriers still exist. Read More
LEGO Mindstorms voice-powered STEM challenge

LEGO Mindstorms voice-powered STEM challenge

LEGO and Amazon Alexa have launched a new LEGO Mindstorms Education EV3 challenge, where students can create voice-powered experiences through construction and robotics play. Read More
Video-Using-AI-in-China-classrooms-student engagement

Using AI to measure student engagement 

The Wall Street Journal investigates how modern technologies such as AI and robotics are being incorporated into some of China’s classrooms to monitor and record student engagement levels. Read More