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Technology as a tool

Sydney Grammar School Headmaster, Dr Richard Malpass, addresses the negative effects of too much reliance on technological devices.

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Video: New Science and Technology syllabuses for NSW

With a new Science and Technology syllabus for K-6, and new syllabuses for Technology for Years 7 and 8 being implemented in New South Wales in 2019, the NSW Education Standards Authority discusses what the changes mean for both educators and students.

STEAM outside the classroom

Dr Michael Cowling, of CQUniversity, and Dr James Birt, of Bond University, look at how to address the role of technology in all aspects of students’ lives.

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Video: Technology in schools

CEO of the NSW Education Standards Authority, David de Carvalho, discusses the impact of technology in the classroom with Professor Pasi Sahlberg of the Gonski Institute at the University of NSW.

Projectors: Size matters

As today’s students grow in a rapidly changing digital environment, it can be hard for parents and educators to keep up.

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