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Problematic sexual bevahiours in young children and students

Problematic sexual behaviours in young children

Associate Professor Elspeth McInnes and Dr Lesley-anne Ey of the University of South Australia discuss the findings of a national survey that examines how primary and early childhood educators identify and respond to problematic sexual behaviours in young children.

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teacher rentention schools global concern

Teacher retention a growing global concern for schools

With many new teachers leaving the profession within just five years, teacher retention is a growing concern for schools across the globe. As OECD predictions show a need for even more teachers in the near future, University of South Australia education experts separate the real issues from the myths.

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Starting small to effect change

Bullying expert, Associate Professor Barbara Spears, discusses the challenges of addressing bullying in schools and the role of the wider community in influencing behavioural change.

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Young students in Unley learn about dementia first hand

The City of Unley has partnered with Unley Primary School, aged care provider ECH and the University of South Australia to deliver and evaluate ‘Forget Me Not’, an immersive program about dementia, to 90 Year 4 and 5 students. Read more