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learning languages

Languages open doors

  Learning a language presents myriad opportunities, both academic, personal and professional. So why are fewer students choosing to study a language in school? Expert researchers from the University of South Australia weigh in on the matter.
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Learner profiles

Learner profiles: A more holistic view of learning

Learner profiles focus on capturing capabilities such as critical thinking and collaboration, and providing a comprehensive view of an individual student’s learning profile, according to Dr Vitomir Kovanovic of the University of South Australia. 
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The role of GAI in education

Generative artificial intelligence (GAI) was a simmering trend in small technology communities, before bursting onto the scene earlier this year, when ChatGPT, the latest GAI tool, made headlines for its sophisticated human-like text outputs, complete with advanced essay writing and coding capabilities. In this article, Professor George Siemens, of the University of South Australia, discusses the implications of GAI for the future of education.
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primary school

Transition to primary school: Does the beginning decide the end?

The transition to primary school presents unique challenges for students, teachers, principals, and parents alike. In this Expert Contributor column, Emeritus Professor Marjory Ebbeck from the University of South Australia provides strategies for ensuring these transitions are successful.
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