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What is ‘The Other Talk’?

At some point most young people will sit down with their parents to have ‘the talk’. It’s not always easy, but learning about sex is an important conversation that every parent and child should have. Now it’s time to have The Other Talk.

The Other Talk is about Australian families talking openly about alcohol and other drugs, and is an important step towards preparing for teenage parties.

But did you know that families can start talking when the child is as young as eight years old (in an age appropriate way), to make sure they have the right information and attitudes when they reach high school.

Starting the conversation early also means creating an understanding that when it comes to alcohol and other drugs, no question is too silly and no topic is off limits. These topics could include related issues such as peer pressure, health, and safety.

Many parents fear The Other Talk because it may raise questions that they feel ill-equipped to answer or explain appropriately.

As an independent, evidence-based organisation that has been working closely with parent groups, the Australian Drug Foundation has all the information parents need to have The Other Talk with their children. Our website and guides are resources for parents wanting to learn about alcohol and other drugs to protect their children from associated harms.

The Australian Drug Foundation has free copies of three new resources to help parents have The Other Talk.

The Other Talk booklet

This colourful booklet for parents provides facts about alcohol and drugs, and tips on starting a discussion about these substances with their children. Perfect handout for parent group discussions addressing this topic. The booklet includes a tear-out Safe Party Planner.

The Other Talk discussion guide

This handy guide lists questions that can be used to promote discussion at school parents’ sessions or parents’ groups.

Safe partying guide

This pocket-sized leaflet for children aged 10+ covers safe partying tips, facts about alcohol and drugs, teen drinking laws, and why young people should delay drinking.

To order your free copies of these resources contact the Australian Drug Foundation on 1300 85 85 84 or druginfo@adf.org.au. You can also download them at www.TheOtherTalk.org.au

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